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***SUMMER FETE 2013***

Mini Multiples Annual Summer Fete 2013

Every year the Mini Multiples Summer Fete gets bigger and better with more money raised each time.

Over the previous 4 years we have raised at least £1000 for the Special Care Baby Unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham and over £2500 for Mini Multiples…all of the money raised for the group has gone towards discounting trips and outings, buying craft and play equipment for the groups, it only ever goes into fun and exciting things that Mini Multiples members and people who access our groups will benefit from – it never pays the rent or snack, this comes out of the weekly group fees.

The fete itself takes Cathy and I (with the help of a few others) at least a year to plan.  Every year we learn something new, something that works well (teddy tombola…who would have thought it would sell out within minutes of opening two years in a row!) and something that doesn’t work as well (pony rides…great idea, however small children and animals are not always a great combination) and every year our one aim is to make it bigger and better than the last.

So far this year we have written to over 50 companies to request raffle prizes,(thank goodness for sticky stamps!) with still more companies to contact and prizes to collect, wrapped 100 girls and 100 boys lucky dip prizes, collected around 20 boxes of bric a brac, sorted and priced each individual items (thank you Chrissie for your help!), about 10 boxes of toys (again sorted, labelled and priced), 10 boxes of books & DVDs organised into children’s and adults.  Once we have sorted and labelled it all we have been down to Portsmouth to sign a contract for a storage facility (after we negotiated a ‘deal’ to get it half price) which means we can store all the things there and Cathy or I don’t get divorced by our husbands for junking up our houses with fete stuff!

This year we have a few more volunteers to arrange things, thank you so much, I will do a proper thank you post after the event so I can name everyone.  So far, thank you to Chrissie (and her Sarge for finally relenting and giving her the day off so she can chaperone the Mayor!) who is storing some stuff for us and being my cake buddy on the fete day eve (we go to Richs Cakes in Fareham who make cakes for Waitrose, Costa Coffee, etc and they donate a batch of cakes every year), Mel for all sorts of bits and bobs that she does before the fete, Angela for agreeing to make the programme and Jenny for agreeing to be our ‘entertainments manager’.  I am sure I have forgotten people, if your name is not down please don’t be offended its my lack of sleep and ‘fete brain’, we really do appreciate your help.

Its a heck of a lot of work, cant quite work out how we managed to price, label and sort everything the first year I came up with this mad cap idea of a summer fete – we did it all the night before…the very thought of doing that now gives me palpitations, but its such an amazing day and the money raised goes to such worthy causes it is totally worth it.

There are still things to be done…if you see something you think you can help with, just let me know either on our facebook wall or drop me an email (info@minimultiples.co.uk). Also if you have any ideas of what could be done….SHOUT….we’d love to know them.

  • Drinks companies to contact & their donations to collect (from Petersfield)
  • Raffle Prizes to be collected from Lush in Portsmouth, HeadRomance in Havant and a shop in Southampton
  • Book a bouncy castle
  • Ask any local clubs if they would like to do a demonstration
  • Cakes to bake (thank you Belinda for your help every year)
  • Tombola prizes to request (smelly sets, bottles, gift sets etc)
  • Confirm/book the facepainter/s
  • Plus lots more things that Cathy will tell me I have forgotten lol

Phew this was only meant to be an event post on the website, it has turned into a bit of a blog post…whoda thought! :-)

Lek x


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