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Ours and our children’s friendship was formed because of Mini Multiples, 9 years down the line and they are still all the best of friends (most of the time anyway!).

Lek & Cathy

It’s so nice to have a twin mummy ‘sounding board’!


Having twins is extremely special and rewarding but it is not without its challenges. It was so lovely and almost a relief to join Mini Multiples and meet other twin parents who understand those challenges and with whom can also share the lovely and funny times you go through! Everyone was very welcoming and friendly.

Alex - Mum to twin boys

I have been going to the bedhampton group for 3 years and love it! I have had loads of support and made some great friends, as have my 3 year old twins!

S King - Mum to twins

It was so reassuring to meet people who would offer a hand at feeding time, rather than just stare and say ‘I don’t know how you cope’!

Mum to twin boys

Got down for our first play at the Denmead group. Everyone friendly. Looking for to coming next week!

P Hall - Dad to triplet girls, Beatrix, Shylah and Leonie